As I listened to the conversation, I wondered if this was really true…

Biodun went on to tell me his frustration with getting to persuade or influence his very good friend to take the course which he had found very helpful. I shook my head in amazement as I listened on just because I had had all sorts of “reasons” attributed to people’s failure to engage in some personal development adventures which would cost them something. This had become music to my ears.

This in fact has become a regular occurrence. All kinds of excuses show up when people’s patterns are challenged. They range from, ” I don’t know him,” “I do not like to do something when ‘everyone’ is doing it,” “abeg joor, the hype is too much and I don’t want to do it,” and “I am too busy.” There are many others.

These same folks regularly try to obtain advice guidance and counsel from others with little commitment expected of them. The resistance one faces when you clearly see that the help required of you is not what the person believes they need has been amazing feedback to me personally. So, usually I would ask “if you would rather learn how to fish or be spoon-fed?” Once in a while I come across individuals who are in dire need of help. They as well know they truly need help. But the kind of help they’d nudge you for isn’t the one that will truly liberate them. They’d rather be fed, a teaspoon of empowerment by allowing you to take care of their immediate financial troubles than investing in knowledge that will truly liberate them from their limiting beliefs and self-imposed boundaries.

When you even give them opportunities to learn and liberate, they are stuck in the unbelievable idea that certain types knowledge are parallel to their spiritual well – being. Unfortunately for them, this isn’t mostly the case but they seemingly are hiding under this excuse to give them self a lee-way to stay stuck and remain a leech, which they are unaware they have become. People are constantly antagonistic towards learning paradigms that they are unfamiliar with and go on to judge from afar using the excuse that the unknown learning styles goes against their lives values. It is often easy to overlook these excuses and move on when one remembers that one has used these same patterns previously.

The value of investing in personal development programs and business improvement techniques can never be over-emphasized. As put in a famous quote: “You cannot give what you don’t have.” In other words, you are the sum total of your knowledge base. And if what you know isn’t improving you personally, financially or morally, you need to check how much you really know or where you are getting it from in addition to how much you have invested in your personal growth journey

It really baffles when you have a financial “coach” whose personal finance is a total wreck or an innovation “guru” who finds it difficult to show the results of his work. Wouldn’t you wonder what advise he’s giving others that he hasn’t applied to self?

So why call your self a Lifestyle Coach when you are still going to hit your friend or family up for money at the end of the month? Your lifestyle is definitely not worth emulating so what knowledge base do you possess to grant you that title?

To train myself to break out of old patterns and go on to become a coach and master practitioner of Neuro Linguistics Programming (NLP) cost me a total investment of over £35,000 (thirty five thousand pounds sterling) in fees alone apart from costs of several flights, accommodation and feeding for a number of years. I have paid for what many around here would consider “too expensive” for training and private coaching fees amongst others.

The path to knowledge is an ever-widening endless journey. But you’ll get as far you desire to impact yourself first and your immediate community. But don’t put the burden of your lack of zeal to liberate yourself on the Creator that has given you ample opportunity to empower yourself and develop your society. He has bestowed on you the wisdom and many a filter to identify that which truly hurts your spirituality and to identify that which will truly empower you to live your purpose.

Playing the devil’s advocate and sitting on the sidelines and judging other people’s adequacy and knowledge base as spiritual or not is simply you being intellectually lazy to know what works for you as well as looking for excuses to explain away your inability to engage certain tools you cannot afford and so keep being a spectator.

There is much positive impact needed out there than to be stuck on the pedestal of high religiosity and low spirituality. Truly, the good you bestow on others through what you are and you give of learning is what is really spiritually fulfilling, regardless of the side of creed you belong to.

We are created for different purposes but no matter what they are, it’s major goal is to make living a little better for ourselves and those around us. You cannot approach your purpose without an understanding of what it truly is and you cannot understand what it is without identifying your capabilities. You cannot unearth your competency without investing time and money as well as other resources to gain self mastery for understanding yourself and then others.

I recognise that our paths may be different and it may not cost us the same thing to reach there. Some will come to a place of awareness following a different path. This is good so long as you grow and become fully aware of your growth and evolving.

So dear friend, invest in living your true purpose but do it consciously and wholeheartedly NO MATTER THE COST. Do not berate other people’s journey of living their purpose by asking to be fed at the same pond where you could easily fish from yourself. Go do your own thing and do it NOW. Remember to DO IT WELL. Seek first the knowledge and the know-how, then become the truly empowered soul you were always destined to be. Do WHATEVER it takes ( legally sha oh) to become a trail blazer or to continue to remain at the top of your game or your exclusive niche. The world awaits your FULL MANIFESTATION.

I appreciate your taking the time to read all these. Kindly send me feedback so I would know your take on this matter.

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