why don’t you do free events like others do Innocent?

why don’t you do free events like others do Innocent?

I get asked this question, “why don’t you do free events like others do Innocent?”

I immediately know that this person doesn’t know our history at InnocentMINDS and definitely doesn’t know what we have done since 2009.

Let me throw sone light and enlighten someone today. This is what our organisation and I have done since we started:

1. FREE Personal Mastery Trainings in Jos every weekend in Jos since 2009. We pay for venue, generator and fuel, sound system and sometimes pay external speakers.

2. We have spent several millions of naira in airtime costs since 2009 (at one time, simultaneously on 3 radio stations) and most times sold no product or paying seminar and events.

3. Worked with The University of Jos chapter of AIESEC for FREE for years and provided accommodation for their foreign interns for a short while with no direct benefit to us. Also workwd with ABU Zaria ENACTUS for 2 years all FOR FREE.

4. Worked with dozens of Student organisations, churches and other groups FOR FREE (not even honorarium at times) for years.

5. Encouraged authors and start up businesses with coaching, funding and mentoring since 2009.

6. Worked several individuals with unpaid private sessions to deal with their personal challenges over the past few years.

7. Gave the public access to my personal collection of books (library) for use (FOR FREE) for years in Jos. We are about to start same in Lagos with our NLP graduates and alumni


– Regular FREE 2 day events called PUSH. We have done about 10 of them so far. We are planning more in Portharcourt, Ibadan and Accra in Ghana. Several millions of Naira go into making these PUSH events happen.
– New FREE event called ARCHITECTURE OF CREATION. Will not be free from January 2018.
– Free weekly Personal Mastery events (like the one that still holds weekly in Jos) starting weekends from June 2017 in Lagos.

Maybe we have paid our dues and are poised to do more, I don’t know. Only posterity will judge.

From Monday 1st May, we have a massive 7 day long of back to back and massive immersion personal growth event in Jos with the nation’s most preferred training/coaching orgamisation, InnocentMINDS/IMI Consulting

Attend the 7 – day NLP Results and Practitioner Certification Training Level 1 if you are based in Jos from Monday 1st May to Sunday 7th May 2017 with this low offer of N150,000 closing Midnight of Wednesday 25th April. Prices revert to N280 on Thursday 27th May.

Venue is sent to only registered participants. Pay N150,000 now instead of N280,000 at the venue. Offer only for people BASED IN JOS.

Reach out to enrol by calling:
0908 678 6515 and 0806 552 1140


Our organisation cares about you and your personal and professional mastery.


Lifestyle Coach and Trainer of Neuro – Linguistics and Neurological Repatterning

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