When Nigerian Christians talk about “fear of God,” what do they mean?

When Nigerian Christians talk about “fear of God,” “passion for God” and “spiritual, living” what do they mean?

Below the surface, it appears most folks actually have been programmed, conditioned, scripted and made to refer to attendance of weekly church services, prayer meetings and inviting strangers and friends regularly to church in addition to giving offerings/tithe and being “loyal” to their pastor as being the answer to the above question.

Once you do the above, it is clear these days that you are covered and will find “acceptance” every where you go in some circles. How could I have forgotten speaking some “christianese” and ‘speaking in tongues’ regularly. Forget all the other things, follow the above rituals in addition to ensuring you are seen in some important conferences and praise/worship events.

Nigeria has a special and twisted version of everything good that means something else in reality and in other climes. Too much two faced-ness…

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