Distractions can be a monumental relief from our everyday hectic palava. However, the question is, what kind of distractions do you feed your mind and soul with? The media has perfected the art of creating fast moving scenes that catches your attention. Creating an adrenaline of some sort that our mind craves for a relief from overwhelming burden of everyday living. The scenes are fast flashy and in most cases nude. Yes, Nude!

As much as we may try to avoid it, nude scenes or semi-nude ones have permeated our everyday living… From the viewing centres to the seemingly harmless and flashy fast food joints that we crowd in the city. It’s a monumental distraction that is intense no matter the little time you spend being exposed to it. Sooner or later you “forget” how horrible your day went as you watch the twist and turns of a sexy goddess on the screen and the amazing biceps and six packed frame of some dancer hunk. You soon forget the bills, the family issues and the lack of direction you were earlier being over-whelmed with. Were we not to think creatively of solving these challenges?

No! Here is a better way to sedate yourself. It cheap and comes at “no cost.” That’s the hit, the immediate relief and the high that gets you to FORGET. But, not just your problems… It makes you forget your presence and your destiny. From being a temporary relief drug, it becomes a safe zone that is easily imagined and drifted towards when living life becomes too tough. And soon the only place that is ‘cool’ is the distraction you find on the screen – the indulgence of scenes of lust on the tube.

Ever wondered how this holds you back from truly living, as in deeply living the life you are designed for? Ever wonder how many seconds translates to minutes then hours then days as you “distract” your mind and soul from creatively aligning your being to Your Purpose? Scary it may seem but if you want to reflect deeper and further on, all the musicians, artiste, actors and famous celebrities would tell you they are living their dreams. Ever bothered what truly is yours?

Deep within is embedded a gracious, wholesomeness that only YOU can unleash. But the more you’re engrossed in this monumental distraction, you’d never discover it, talk less of unleashing it. You may be fast to blame the illuminati and the “devils-children” as most are wont to do. Yet, this is YOUR story, OUR story – why give it to another to write the lines and you become a secondary character in how it turns out? I want power back in my own mind and in my own mind. Am looking for who will join me NOW in wrestling free from the unseen power behind distracting nudity on the tube.

Lets get going young man/lady… Pick yourself up now and start being distracted towards your own destiny. Together and with determination, we will make it and create that much yearned change this generation so desperately needs.

INNOCENT USAR is a Lifestyle Coach, Master Practitioner and Trainer of Neuro – Linguistics Programming. He travels the length and breath of Nigeria helping individuals, organisations and people of faith to easily break away from fearful as well as other acquired self – limiting patterns

Twitter: @InnocentUsar
Mobile and Whatsapp: 08032005725
BBM Pin: 58A660D2

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