Understanding NLP

Understanding NLP

NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. It is a set of skills and theories first developed in the 1970s, Many people ask, “what is NLP and what does it do?” NLP studies how people do things well. NLP is a set of skills that improves your communication with other people (and yourself).
NLP helps you manage your moods and run your own life more successfully.
NLP can help with your personal development and the development of others.
NLP is used a lot in business, self-improvement, sport, sales, therapy, and coaching.

NLP Can Help You To:

– Feel happier or more confident.

– Inspire others.

– Get creative.

– Improve/’hack’ your presentation skills.

– Feel motivated towards something coming up in the future.

– Achieve different goals.

– Be more persuasive.

– Improve at sports.

– Get over a phobia.

– NLP is now used all over the world in very additional wide ranging areas.


Who Uses NLP?

– Businesses around the world use NLP experts to help improve their business, inspire their workforce and refine their message.
– Individuals use NLP to achieve their goals, motivate themselves, and communicate better with us.
– Thousands of top sportsmen and women use NLP to win at their chosen discipline, and indeed many of the world’s top Performance Coaches are principally trained in NLP.
– Those involved in sales use NLP to make their product better, to sell their product more effectively, and to make their customers feel better about what they’re buying.
– Tens of thousands of NLP practitioners have helped yet more people get over serious phobias, fears and traumas with NLP.
– And coaches in all different walks of life use NLP to improve their message and the way that they deliver it to be more effective.
– NLP is everywhere around the world, and can help you personally and professionally, and can help your business too.

The levels of NLP training with InnocentMINDS and  globally are:

Level 1. NLP Results & Practitioner Certification. A basic introduction to NLP. In the NLP Practitioner course you will learn a wide range of the basic NLP skills. What is important is continually testing your new skills to improve.

Level 2. NLP Master Results & Practitioner Certification. On the NLP Master Practitioner course, you learn new skills as well as become more elegant and intuitive in your use of the skills you’ve already picked up. You are starting to help your clients make serious and effective changes.

Levrl 3. NLP Platform Skills & Trainer Certification. The NLP Trainer program tends to focus on platform and communication skills for life, career and business generally and then to deliver an effective message to others who might want to learn NLP. When you finish the NLP Trainer course, you are qualified to train others in the skills of NLP.

Are You Interested in NLP With The InnocentMINDS Team?

We are Nigeria’s Premier & Comprehensive Trainers of NLP.  We have travelled across the length and breath of Nigeria helping individuals, organisations in addition to people of faith to easily break away from fearful as well as other acquired self – limiting patterns and conditioning and to also build a new culture of excellence and productivity. We have put together a 2-day  NLP Foundation/’Taster Session’ in July where you can turn up, sample some of the techniques that are taught in NLP around the world, and then put them to the test. You will enjoy this hopefully, find it useful and then you might want to take it further, and perhaps enrol for our NLP Results Certification & Practitioner Course.

We are pioneering the comprehensive use of NLP in Nigeria/Africa  and currently, our acclaimed 2-day NLP ‘taster’ event is FREE if you enrol via this link NOW www.innocentminds.com.ng/PUSH2017

To learn more about this, plan to attend any of our NLP Results Certification and Practitioner Level 1 trainings.

This event costs N400,000 from the 1st of May 2017 but you can enjoy it for just N280k if you register NOW. To register, visit  www.innocentminds.com.ng and get enrolment details.


You may alternatively call:

Sunni on 0908 678 6515 or Jeremiah on 0806 552 1140.

To your success!
Innocent USAR

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