This Is Why You Are Not

This Is Why You Are Not

Rich? Famous? Healthy? Courageous? Fill the gap with the adjective you currently lack.

I know you’re curious right now and you should be because curiosity precedes great advancements.

Remember the message from the Freesian government giving directions on how to win five million naira? Did you attempt to win the grant? No? But you want money, don’t you?

The instructions were really simple and short. You did not understand them? Really? Wow! I thought you really needed the money.

You see, for many of us. We say we know what we want and we work diligently towards it but time and time again, we barely reach the minimum limit. I’ll tell you why?

Our minds do not have the vocabulary that describes the experience we seek.

Yes, you want to be rich but when was the last time you read financial news? What is the current government’s budget for the industry you operate in? How do the likes of Aliko Dangote and Strive Masiyiwa discuss their needs?

Or, you want to be very happily married. What do the happily married folk discuss? How do they act? What do they invest money on? Where do they hang-out? What books do they read?

Pay attention to this. Everything in life was created twice. First in the mind then, in the physical. Everything!

For you to enjoy the experience you desire, your mind must create it first and this requires the right exposure. The issue is how?

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To your success!

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