The Values Connection

Nafisat tossed and turned restlessly for the umpteenth time that morning. It was 3am and she had spent the last hour chasing sleep. Her thoughts, however, refused to let her be. They kept grasping for attention. She was in a dilemma and needed someone to help her sort the madness that had become of her life.

Her problem had begun when the new director at work made some amendments to the organisation’s rules. They were only minor changes yet she felt so much unease that she secretly explored job options during her free periods.

Dear friend, what keeps you awake at night? What do you see when you go to bed? What do you hear when you want to make important decisions? What motivates you to trudge tirelessly forward even when you can’t see clearly the road ahead?

logoValues are immensely powerful drivers of behaviour. The way we see events, interact with others, receive feedback, make choices and generally, live our lives are all functions of your value system.

It is your value which helps you know whether to wear that dazzling, white spaghetti-strapped bodice with or without the plain and well-cut blue jacket.

They help you know what organisations to serve in and which to avoid. They dictate which spouse would be highly suitable to you and which would give you palpitations for weeks on end. Values bring energy and direction. Values have a connection to EVERYTHING we do.

Do you know that there are over a thousand words which describe human values? Do you know that conflicting values create inner turmoil and stress? Can you recall a time when making a single choice seemed so hard because you could barely decipher which was more important?

Now, take a look at some value words and write down fifteen values you have. “Innocent, fifteen values? Isn’t that too much?” No, it isn’t.

I await your feedback.

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Live intentionally and purposefully.

Innocent USAR

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