The Values Connection III

Over a steaming bowl of gbegiri and hot amala, Nafisat and Sade elicited her core values, end values and mean values. They also placed them in order of priority and traced the sources of her conflicting values.

It was a really interesting discussion and time flew past rapidly. Lunch was almost over and Nafisat had to return to work. However, there was still a missing part of the entire puzzle.

If recognition and privacy were part of her core values, why did she feel so troubled at the change in work policy? Why did she feel as if she would have to sacrifice one for the other?

It seemed like a tough call but only for as long as it took her to realise that she could replace values that no longer served her aspirations.

Privacy had served her well over the years but it was time to replace it with a value that would amplify her strengths so she could gain recognition, one of her core end values. It was time to create a balance that would allow her enjoy the spotlight that her career now required of her.

Dear friend, are your current values serving you and taking you closer to your aspirations? Or, like Nafisat, have they been at variance with your professed goals and desires? Can you truly list your core values according to their hierarchy?

logoIn less than ten minutes,
Sade led her through value alignment process and they were able to resolve her dilemma.

Today, she relishes the aroma of amala and gbegiri because she has anchored it to one of the most positive experiences of her life.

I’m excited that you and your friends will be part of the great PUSH event coming up next weekend, the 22nd and 23rd of October in Lekki, Lagos. You could be a Sade to many others.

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Prepare to Soar!

Be exceptional!

Your Lifestyle Coach,
Innocent USAR

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