The Values Connection II

After a sleepless night, Nafisat staggered wearily to the bathroom. It usually took her thirty minutes or less to leave for work but today, it took well over an hour.

It wasn’t until several colleagues asked her if she was ill that she decided to seek help. Thankfully, her friend, Sade was one of our authentically Certified Practitioners of NLP and her expertise would really help here.

After a brief discussion with Sade, they were able to pinpoint the root of her dilemma. They went through our NLP Value Elicitation process and she was able to list her core values in order of priority.

logoShe was surprised to realise that not only were her means values different from her end values, she also had varying values for various areas of her life which were not congruent with her aspirations.

Dear friend, do you know your core values? Do you know which of your values are means to the fulfilment of your end values? Can you confidently classify your values under the different spheres of your life?

The discussion continues tomorrow.

Tune in to RC102.3FM at 8:30 tonight as one of our recent NLP graduands share her NLP Story with our team members on radio. Outside Lagos? Click to listen – in.

PUSH, our flagship NLP introductory event promises so much quality and top level fun on the 22nd and 23rd October. It’s a few days away and I have some good news for all enrolled to attend. We are bringing 3 very talented musicians from from the music ‘hatchery’ of Africa – JOS, to spice up the fun tempo of the weekend.

WATCH OUT for more details.

You can be, do, have and create anything you desire.

Live Brilliantly!

Innocent USAR
Lifestyle Coach and
Trainer of NLP

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