So I see the kind of post talking ascribing power to God for what others have achieved and the usual Nigerian response and attitude is ONLY GOD CAN DO THIS AND DO THAT for us…. It would appear on the surface that this person wants to say how POWERFUL GOD IS. I choose to see it differently.

Truth is WE ALREADY KNOW HE IS POWERFUL and all knowing. But do we know WHO HE MADE US TO BE? WE are all “CO-CREATORS with him….” And another man living on this same earth who was created by God and given wisdom by God LIKE WE ALL bored a path through this tough and difficult terrain using his gifts and capacities.

What are we doing with our own talents, gifts and wisdom? What “mountains of problem have we made a path through in our endeavours? The brain and mind wey God give us all no be beans. Some people dey use their own. ‘Make we all use our own too even as we dey call on God.’ Else we continue to be an IRRESPONSIBLE PEOPLE. Faith without works is dead! To him who has produced more from what he was given more shall be given him. But to him who has nothing to show, even that which he has shall be taken away from him.

If every nation had its own god, the Nigerian god would be the hardest working and I am sure you do know why

INNOCENT USAR is a Lifestyle Coach, Master Practitioner and Trainer of Neuro – Linguistics Programming. He travels the length and breathe of Nigeria helping individuals, organisations and people of faith to easily break away from fearful as well as other acquired self – limiting patterns

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