That 3rd Mainland Bridge Suicide Story – Have You Heard or Seen What They Are Saying?

That 3rd Mainland Bridge Suicide Story – Have You Heard or Seen What They Are Saying?

5 Reasons Why I No Longer Make Commentaries on Events in the News:

1. There are often so many trending issues in the news and people would pay very little attention to an important matter only because it’s in the news. They would move on to a bigger and more sensational headline story or celebrity news as soon as one pops up and on and on….and I trust you know that some people feed off of these situations.

2. Those issues require a more systemic, immersive, comprehensive approach and solution and not some quick-fix advice and commentator opinion like… “the truth is…,” “our value system must change…,” “only prayer works,” “the government should….” kinds of jabs thrown around carelessly in commentaries. There are a handful of professionals, NGOs, religious leaders and community leaders ceaselessly doing a fantastic job of seeking lasting and enduring solutions for many of such societal challenges through a more trusting process in and out of season. I can understand though, people are doing the best they can with what they know and with the resources at their disposal.

3. Getting many people to merely like one’s comment en-masse (which can be good anyway) and not experience internal personal and communal transformation or influence is hopefully not the purpose of writing or commenting on trending topical issues. It does not seem to work and we jump from one embarrassing, destructive or fatal incident to the other.

4. There seem to be too many “experts” carelessly throwing advice and suggestions around once something goes public and you wonder where these experts had been all around to help prevent such from happening. I admonish that we all sit down and work out our life’s work in and out of season, without stopping. Tackling our niche consistently without wavering whether or not its the trending topic is a way of getting more sustenable outcomes and change.

5. Some of the commentary reminds one of beer-parlour gossip – place I grew up in my early childhood, hearing all sorts from helping my mom sell alcohol. They become overbearing and sometimes a time to trade insults and display our suspicions and insecurities These can become gossips that are largely disempowering, disheartening and totally lacking in empathy…

Be careful what you read and hear and the quick unprocessed advice you throw around in times like this. People are entitled to their opinions but so does that space require personal responsibility to give inspiring, honest, factual and helpful direction and inspiration.

My heart goes out to loved ones and family of the deceased and all who suffer from the dysfunction of our society. May God strengthen comfort you and give you strength in times like this.

Keep shining and keep living consciously.

Innocent Usar.
Nigeria’s Leading Trainer of NLP

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  1. mercy April 7, 2017 at 2:26 pm - Reply

    Thank you for the words of admonition in times like this

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