“Hey, Bola! Hurry up or I’ll leave you behind.” Chika shouted while revving her car engine furiously. It’s Monday morning and she can’t wait to hit the road.

At the same time, Saidat steps out of her apartment and heads to the car. She opens the front door and slides in with a cheery greeting on her lips. “Good morning, Saidat,” Chika responded. “Aren’t you going with your car today?”

“No, I’m not. I am tired wallahi. I had a very busy weekend.” Saidat replies with a huge sigh of exasperation. At that moment, Bola slides in through the back seat, carrying a fair amount of baggage. She had bought some supplies which must be taken to the office this morning.”

As they drive out of their estate, they chatter excitedly, sharing highlights of the weekend and the week before. Suddenly, Saidat screams as Chika lurches forward, hitting a little child who seemed to have appeared from nowhere.

A lot of commotion ensues but eventually, they sort it all out and take the child to the hospital to treat his minor bruises. Later that night, three of them write their experiences in their journals. Let’s take a peek:

BOLA: Damn! Today was so freaking cursed. First of all, I woke up late then Chika hits a child as we turn the bend at Carter Street . How could she be so careless? Because of her foolishness, I had to lug those big bags to work myself…

CHIKA: Mehn! God saved my sorry ass today. Which kain gbege be this na? Mama James had told me to pray against attacks from the village. Eii! God o! Is this how my enemies want to frustrate me?…

SAIDAT: Wow! Thank you, God for today. We would have killed a child by mistake. I am grateful that he only sustained minor injuries. I am glad I had some cash with me to help pay the hospital bills. I have learnt several things from this morning’s experience…

Dear friend, I wonder, what would you write in your journal if you had ridden with the ladies. Would you blame everyone but yourself? Beat yourself over the head for making a costly mistake? Would you find real and perceived enemies to absolve you of all responsibility? Would you maintain an attitude of gratitude instead? Would you glean lessons from what should be called a disaster?

We may not determine our daily experiences but each of us is responsible for our reactions and attitudes towards life’s many twists and turns.

Today, choose to live intentionally and with a heart full of gratitude.

Your friend,

Innocent USAR

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