Everyone wants change in at least one particular area of their life. Irrespective of status, history, religion or health, change is constant to human nature. At different points in our journey through life, we find ourselves wanting more or less of some things. More money, more time, more freedom, more care and love in our relationships, more children, less stress, less arguments with our partners, less negative emotions that disempower us. More and less.
So at the beginning of each year, we set goals and make resolutions and affirmations of what our lives will be like, how we’re going to bring about the change we desire… and then we roll up our sleeves and get hard at work.
What many people are not aware of today, is that – change can be FAST and EASY! When we understand and apply what works. Successful people know this and that’s why they get ahead faster and easier than others.
ANYONE can change their life once they understand and practice the law of CAUSE and EFFECT because really, Success is 80 percent psychology and only 20 percent mechanics. Every successful person understands and practices this law.

The law of cause and effect
The law of cause and effect states that you’re either on the side of responsibility or the other side of the equation- blame. In other words, you’re either a victim or a winner. It’s all about how you choose to see yourself, situations and the world.
Being at cause is taking responsibility for your life. It doesn’t matter if you’re at fault or not for the unpleasant events that have happened in your life, a person at cause thinks about moving forward and utilizes the lessons from unpleasant past events to create the change he desires. That’s the winner’s mindset.
On the other side of the equation, there’s an endless cycle of blame-gaming. The person becomes a victim of his past actions or inactions. He’s stuck in this cycle of – could haves, should haves, wouldn’t haves… if. ‘I would have gone to college if my parents were not so poor.’ He gives away his personal power to the things he cannot control. So he never looks or moves forward. He’s a victim, he can’t win until he decides to be at cause and take on the winner’s mindset.
Many people wish for better things in life and wonder why other people easily get ahead of them. Here’s what they’re doing differently – they’re constantly being at cause until it becomes an unconscious attitude.

How can you start being at cause and move forward?

1. Make the DECISION to be at cause:
The journey of a thousand miles begins with a decision. You make the decision to take the step. Some people still hold on to the past events that do not empower them and find it hard to let go. Success is a journey, too much emotional baggage will make it slow, painful and nearly impossible. Being at cause empowers you and gets the excess baggage off your back so that you experience freedom to move forward. Think of the things in your life that can change for better when you learn to be positive and you become focused on moving forward. Think of the sense of personal power that you have, knowing that you can determine your own results, that you are in charge of your life. Decide this moment to take responsibility for your life.

2. Search for the lessons in unpleasant experiences
Unpleasant experiences can give way to negative emotions and thoughts which form these baggage that many people haul around all their lives. You want to live differently and experience a life of Success. To let go of these baggage, we need to look for the learnings or lessons in our unpleasant experiences. It can be difficult especially if they caused unpleasant changes in one’s life and it can be easy, when we channel our focus towards deriving the lessons and using them to propel forward. Thousands of successful people have come from unpleasant backgrounds. They decided to use it to their advantage, as their motivation to succeed. You can too.

3. Be constantly aware of your position
When you make the decision to be at cause, it is important that you are constantly and consciously aware of yourself. To be able to detect when you start taking on the victim’s mindset and blame-gaming so you can make the switch to the winner’s mindset. Remember that you have practised and perfected being at effect until it became an unconscious attitude and it will take consistent practice to re-set your attitude. It can be fast and easy with consistent practice. So when you catch yourself on the disempowering side of the equation, the winner’s mindset requires you to make a shift in your thinking. Remember, this can be done by simply searching for the learnings or lessons in the unpleasant experience.

4. Make it an unconscious attitude
95 percent of our actions and thoughts are unconscious and only 5 percent are conscious. This means that many times, we are not consciously aware of our thoughts and behavior. For instance, we don’t have to consciously think of how to get to our homes or frequently visited places because we have gone the route several times and it has been stored in the faculties of our minds. The same thing applies to being at cause. You want to truly experience freedom to move towards Success and any change you desire. Practice, practice, practice, practice, practice makes perfect. Just like you learned the route home by consistently visiting it, to activate the winner’s mindset on the unconscious level, which is most powerful, you must consistently visit it. The key to channeling your winner’s mindset at any point in time is to always, always ask – what can I learn here?

Move from your ‘would haves, should haves, could haves… if’ victim mindset towards the winner’s mindset of ‘I can, I am’.
Take responsibility. Be at cause. Change your life.

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