Struggling With Mindset Change and Hurdles

Struggling With Mindset Change and Hurdles

Ken had just arrived from a month long leadership training in San Diego USA. he was fully pumped up to transform his unit as the Head of Sales and Marketing in one of the unique Start-up firms in the East Afican region. Ken had taken so many notes and mapped out different ideas that were going to make his unit the best Gung-Ho part of the firm.

At the first meeting following his arrival from the leadership training, he exuded so much confidence and excitement, many colleagues commented that he may have been given some sort of cash gift during his trip. It was hard to believe that the energy was because of the empowering knowledge and awareness he had come in contact with during his stay.

After 5 or so more meetings, Ken was tired and frustrated and his unit was no better than he had left it about a couple of months earlier. “Why was it difficult to change the mindset of his team members,” he kept asking himself. So Ken visited his Coach and told him details of his problem. Ken related in frustration and anger how difficult it was for his colleagues to see and grasp what he saw and concluded that their mindset was never going to change.

We are often stuck in the same debacle as Ken. We want to see change almost immediately as it is suggested. We want people to reach the same level of awareness as we are after experiencing some sort of transformational knowledge or outreach that changes our mindset. Matter of fact, the word “mindset” is thrown about in almost every change-resisting issue most of us come across; with spouses, children, colleagues, friends, parents, work and even sometimes, business.

Believe it or not, most of us want change to occur almost instantaneously forgetting that we had also resisted change at some point or the other. Take for instance, when Ken visted his Coach, he was asked to narrate his first day experience at training. He confessed that he wondered what he could learn at such a leadership training that he hadn’t already learnt during his MBA year at Harvard.

So he was asked again, at what point he actually changed his mind, if he already had that ‘mindset.’ It took Ken a while to answer as he went through his entire experience. He came to the conclusion that he truly started enjoying the course at Day 13 of his program and it was when a professor narrated a personal story that truly touched him and made sense to him. That for him, was a game changer as he related personally to the story the Professor narrated.

It’s hard to believe that transformational change can happen within days or even hours for some while it takes weeks or even years for others. We term this as the “the struggle with the mindset change,” because we wonder what struggles or challenges truly prevents others from being or experiencing something that will clearly change their lives.

Let’s take a leaf from builders and construction workers in a building site. Imagine you’re a builder at a building site, you know the foundation requires something different from what was used at your last construction site but that is not what we are looking at this time. You’re about to build a 3-storey building and the framework needs to be standard and lasting. The process of ensuring this through the form-work, preparing and mixing the sand, cement, stones, reinforced steel, mixing all these with water through casting it and then curing the concrete to produce  solid or “set” lintel, beams or columns to carry each level of the building determines how solid and long-lasting the building would be.

Now imagine that a child’s mind can be similar to this process. From the moment a child is born, we start creating building blocks of knowledge through upbringing, environment and the child’s significant emotional experiences. The child goes on from the formative years through to adolescence and adulthood. All these journeys and processes causes the mind to be formed and “set” like cast concrete on a construction site. Any additional information that is parallel to these concrete “set” of mind-process, meets a stiff hindering wall, what is called, CONSCIOUS RESISTANCE.

In Ken’s case, Day 13 of his leadership course provided that force as he listened to a professor that narrated something so personal that pumped his unconscious need to change. In the Neurosciences and accelerated learning, there has been specific studies that show it is possible to by-passes conscious resistance within minutes using the power of language and words, masterful metaphors and so many other unique tools of Neuro-Lingusitic Programming (NLP), that enables change to occur within a minimum amount of time such that there is finally an alignment and congruence taking place between the unconscious and the conscious level of mind and body.

The very idea that change is possible no matter how far gone into a habit a person is, provides the bridge needed for change to truly occur. As Tony Robbins put it, “you get what you tolerate.” Once you tolerate a particular habit, then you allow that habit to become a part of you that is “set” and there it becomes “your mindset.” And to change it, you need a stronger force of words, language, thoughts and even enabling persuasion and environment required to interrupt and break the mindset and build new empowering neural pathways.

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