Selling Really Easily and Effortlessly 1

Selling Really Easily and Effortlessly 1

Sharing with top leaders of a fantastic network marketing company about Sales Mastery and changing their story yesterday, brought to mind a story I had read a while ago about a beggar.

Even though I didn’t share this particular story with them, it encapsulates some of the key lessons I wanted them to grasp in my presentation which eventaually drew a very long applause when I finished my presentation.

You probably have heard or read the story of a homeless beggar who sat outside near the entrance to a restaurant with a board and sign which stated his condition to people walking into the restaurant to eat in an attempt to get their attention and therefore elicit some pity and donations from them.

This story told by the author of a book I read a few years ago, went on to narrate how he (the author, whose name and book title I do not remember at this moment) also walked on into the restaurant and was bemused by the beggar and his sign. He gave a thoughtful stare at the beggar and the sign he held out and thought about about changing the sign so he turned to him and spoke to him about it and his plan.

He succeeded in persuading the beggar to accept to have him re-write something else on the other blank side of the board he held on for passers by to read. In exchange, he gave the beggar more money than he would have usually gotten for something like one whole day or so of taking alms from passers by.

He promised to give the beggar more money on his way out of the restaurant if the new sign did not attract more favourable alms and gifts than usual.

Since this story teller had more than one hour or so to order his meal, wait and then devour it, he was curiously waiting for the outcome of his project with the beggar.

After devouring his meal, he checked up on the beggar in his way out. He approaches him while simultaneously dipping his hands in his pockets to give the beggar the second part of their earlier deal when something unusual happened.

The beggar overwhelmed and beaming with smiles and plenty excitement refused to collect the currency notes the gentleman offered him but rather narrated how the new inscription on his board by the stranger had completely changed his fortune that afternoon.

The beggar reported how folks walking into the restaurant walked up to him consistently read the new write-up on the sign and reached into their pockets, wallets and purses and gave him the most generous alms he had ever received.

I know you are wondering, “what did the story teller really write on the board?”

As I settled into my presentation to the group of professional network marketers, I shared what in my opinion, were 4 principal skills required for success in any area of life:

1. Selling Skills (must be a sales superstar)
2. Teaching Skills (must be a teacher at some level)
3. Leadership Capacity (must have some influence)
4. A Quest for Freedom (must relentlessly pursue and obtain true financialfreedom).

There are are few things to note for wannabe sales superstars:

a. Establishing good rapport
b. Having an understanding of buying/selling styles
c. Knowing buying strategies
d. Fulfilling buying strategies
e. Knowing and getting rid of one’s self limiting beliefs/decisions around selling.

I got a really lenghty standing ovation when I was done sharing with my audience how all of the above works and walked them through a practically liberating and thought – provoking session.

Please allow me to tell you about it…

To be continued.

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Trainer & Master Practitioner of NLP.
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