Musings of Creation

Musings of Creation

God created a tree and put in you some desires and needs.

He knew you would harness it, cultivate it (cut it down) when mature so some of your needs in that area would be met when you cut it down and think of it’s many usefulness like furniture, homes, and many other things you and other men use wood for today

God created the air and put in you some desires and needs.He knew you would harness it and use for breathing, inflate car tyres, balls,

God created rocks. God created the earth – mud – clay.

He knew we would have needs that transcend generations that would be met once we think and get inspired about using the earth and the resources therein to build homes, dig up gold, silver and other pearls and precious minerals to solve our many challenges.

Every raw material you need to be, do have and create anything, God has already given you. In fact, all that pertains to life and godliness so that you might create what you and humanity needs to fulfill your mission here, help humanity, give Him glory and return back to Him well SPENT and FULFILLED – Everything has been provided in you and all around you.

God created a whole lot more. I cannot possibly list them all here.

Anyway, God also created man – gifted man. Any man – and continues to gift man irrespective of his/her race, religion, persuasion or creed – so we would ALL connect. Relate. Help. Inspire. And be co-sojourners and co-helpers on our many interesting quests, on this journey and on this side of eternity.

Is that who you are now?

Is that who you are willing to become?

Is that why you are about to do what you are about to do today?

While we fight, quarrel and kill humans like chickens around here, other have risen above primordial sentiments to partner with and collaborate in creating a better community that fosters a better world.

Why did God create the Human Mind? Have you ever studied the human mind?

Maybe all you know about it is all you have been told about it. Was it through extensive study or accidental learnings? There is more to everything and every person than you know right now.

Get curious.

Really really curious about finding out.

Study and show yourself approved. Useful. Helpful. Powerful

When next you have a need to be, do, have or create anything that will benefit you, humanity and bring God glory, simply look around you for one of God’s creation – people or things.

Look around you, pray, think, imagine, meditate and get lost in the art of sincere curiosity. Not to merely use. Only to cultivate and use positively and ecologically.

Believe it or not, you are more than you think you are. That’s how you were made. Simple.

Start living life.

My name is Innocent Usar and I help people understand the software that their mind is. I help people to understand why they and others around them are where they are and doing what they are doing.

I get people to deal with their past in order to resolve issues and build a more congruent and compelling future. Any kind of past, good or bad. I help many create more positive outcomes. You want to hook up with me sometime soon, don’t you?

Have an amazing day hopefully THINKING.

Just remember, YOU are here for a reason.

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