IMI NLP graduation party

IMI NLP graduation party

My dear friend.

Yesterday was one of our several graduation parties at the end of a 50 – hour weekly path. We had incredible fun and having been inspired by the personal stories of transformation in various aspects of life, work, career, business and personal development, we danced and celebrated a great deal.

Very often, our team members and I get asked by someone seeking clarity and information, “what exactly will I benefit from your NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Trainings and Certifications?” I have taken the time to enumerate the benefits here today in a clear and concise manner.

Here are 20 practical things the NLP journey with InnocentMINDS /IMI Consulting will do for you:

1. Establish deeper rapport, get more profound results and stronger partnerships
2. Make specific goals more tangible and compelling, therefore more likely to occur
3. Understand how people use strategies for everything they do and learn to discover, fulfill, change and install strategies for themselves and others
4. Eliminate mental and emotional blockages that prevent fulfillment of desires
5. Loose weight and easily eat healthy
6. Strenghten weak self – image and charisma
7. Discover and release the root cause of any problem, tension or negative emotions in self and others
8. Access unlimited creativity to attract others, increase sales and also improve athletic performance
9. Feel deeper joy and peace for no reason and cause physical symptoms to disappear completely
10. Guide the imagination of a business team towards organisational success and also help team members to fulfill their targets through inspiring communication.
11. Behaviour replacement and pattern interruption
12. Drug addiction intervention
13. Alcohol addiction and intervention of the abuse of other substances
14. Sex and pornography addiction intervention
15. Breakingfree from phobias, fears and eliminate anxiety of any form
16. Trauma recovery and dissolution of the emotional intensity of any trauma
17. Child and adult sexual abuse recovery
18. Overcoming timidity, shyness and the fear of public speaking
19. Completely and eradicate unwanted habits and food cravings
20. It will move you from being at EFFECT in your life to being at CAUSE in your life. This gives people control, choices and puts them in the driving seat of their own lives.

The list is not exhaustive…

There are various certifications obtainable via our own various 60 – hour core NLP courses at InnocentMINDS/IMI Consulting especially the NLP Results Practitioner Level 1 Certification, the NLP Master Results and Performance Consultancy Level 2 Certification and the NLP Platform and Communication Skills Level 3 Certification. This is the most comprehensive NLP Training programme in Africa

There are 6 Certificates obtainable at the Level 1 training alone for our graduates and they are:

1. Practitioner of Neuro – Linguistic Programming
2. Certification in Neurological Repatterning
3. Certificate in Results Technologies
4. Certification in Ericksonian Trance Work
5. NLP Results Coach Certification
6. NLP Performance Consultant Certification.

Ours is really a journey beyond NLP. Get access to our curriculum which competes favourably with global standards and obtain additional details at our website, and beyond that, plan to be at any of our flagship 2-day FREE introductory training event named PUSH, in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Ibadan and Jos. To enrol, simply visit this link:

I look forward to meeting you at one of these events shortly.

Have a brilliant and productive week ahead.

Innocent USAR
Team Lead at InnocentMINDS/IMI Consulting

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