Everyone is Doing Their Best

Everyone is Doing Their Best

The following story reminds me of the potency in the statement that “People do the best they can with what they know and with the resources at their disposal.”

Suleiman, a young man, grew up in a poor village in the northern part of Nigeria called Kwatarkwashi. The fastest automobile Suleiman had ever seen at a time in his home town was an old beetle from the early ’80s. Having become reknown in the village, he in fact became popularly known with the nickname, “king of kunkuru,” for the smart manner he often was seen manoeuvring and speeding away in the beetle.

Then one day, he visited his friend Mohammed who was preparing for an automobile race in Abuja.

Although Mohammed also grew up in the village, he had relocated to Abuja years earlier and had been working as an automobile mechanic in one of the city’s most modern and sophisticatedý auto repair shops where he had had the opportunity to know and become acquainted with all sorts of modern and speedy racing vehicles.

Suleiman pleaded with his friend to also help enrol him for the Abuja automobile race and his friend promised to help. To cut a long story short, this was how Suleiman himself eventually got enllisted into the race.

Meanwhile, this race rules required that each and everyone of the participants be assigned one of the best and fastest sport cars in the world. While this irked and bothered Suleiman, He proceeded to his assigned lane more out of curiosity than out of compliance. On arrival at his assigned lane, Suleiman discovered to his dismay that instead of seeing his own trusted Volkswagen beetle, the race officials had instead replaced it with a Ferrari.

An uproar caused by Suleiman ensued. He refused to use the Ferrari and insisted on using his own well known and trusted beetle. The entire race was in jeopardy of being delayed or even abandoned until a truce and compromise was reached.

Suleiman conceded to using the Ferrari only on the condition that his beetle engine replaced the Ferrari and was installed consequently even though with great difficulty and much persuasion.

I am wondering if as you read this, you would be able to guess what position in the race Suleiman would have concluded with. Your guess is absolutely as good as mine.

Here is my point. Have you wondered why eventhough some people earn fat salaries, they still go broke before the end of the month. They just don’t seem to get a/ hold of their finances. They are probably like Suleiman, trying to run a modern race with an old car or run their lives on old programmes, beliefs, values or meta – programmes while continually experiencing self – sabotage and unpleasant outcomes.

These old and new cars are metaphors for the beliefs people have around the subject of money or any other life issues. People usually don’t necessarily need more money, what people need are empowering beliefs and values around the concept of money that are in congruence with the outcomes they really want. The outcomes that make them happy and fulfilled.

Out limiting beliefs and decisions about money for instance, apart from being insidious and can be traced to several sources but have been summed up in our Upbringing, Environment (like in Suleiman’s case), and Significant Emotional Experiences (SEE).

If you must change any of your results, and especiallh when it comes to money, you need to identify limiting beliefs and eliminate them consciously and unconsciously. While many have asserted the need for belief change, they never go on to to tell us HOW.

Here are few of the limiting beliefs people have around money:
* Money is evil.
* Money is hard to get.
* Big man, big trouble.
* You need money to make money.
* Money is meant to be spent.
* Money is like wind, you cannot control it.
* Money is the root of all evil.
* Money makes people bad.
* Money doesnt make you happy.
* Money cannot buy you love.
* Money changes people for the worst.
* The rich gets richer, the poor gets poorer.
* Rich people are criminals.
* Nobody gets riches without extorting other people.
* Rich people are stingy and cruel.
* The rich milk the poor.
* More money more problem.
* Women don’t get as much money no matter how much they try.
* Money makes you greedy.
* It is lonely at the top.
* The rich also cry.
* Money is not everything.
* Rich people cannot be spiritual.

Feel free to add yours.

What are your own disempowering beliefs about money and how has this held you back? NLP easily affords you the tools to change your undesireable beliefs and to replace them.

When you change your beliefs to more positive ones, you have added an arsenal of helpful resources that would also add to your resourcefulness.

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Take a decision now that you will live to be proud of. Live the good life begining today and always. Let the best that you do come out of more informed choices and alternatives.

Innocent USAR
Trainer of Neuro- Linguistics Programming (NLP) and Neurological Repatterning

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