There’s a mouse who is friends with the penguin and the raccoon. He keeps bragging to the penguin and raccoon that there’s abundance in his part of the forest and there’s an exceptional path to avoiding all dangers to the place where this abundance is in the forest. This goes on for a long time until a day where there’s been famine for a long time the penguin and the raccoon begs the mouse to take them to this place of abundance, and guess what happens next?

Generic advice and counsel, while well-intentioned often grates on the nerves of the receiver. You know those moments a friend walks up to you while you’re going through an emotional upheaval and all these nuggets of wisdom keep dropping. You start to hear things like “you have to move on,” and “you have to decide what you want,” and “you have to change your mindset.” Imagine your spiritual leader encouraging you after a loss or disaster and he quotes to you Joshua 1:8 or Romans12:2 “…do not be conformed to the pattern of this world, but be ye transformed by the renewing of the mind…” At the peak of your emotional frustration you want to scream, “How??!!”

You want the pain to stop immediately, the hurt to cease or to become a truly better spouse or simply a better person within a reasonably short period. You know change needs to occur and you have friends and family who keep dropping this seemingly simple words of affirmation or transformation but no meaningful detailed techniques or well-outlined process following it.

And the major scream going through your mind is… HOW!

Well intentioned counsel and advice is easy to come by. Especially in this day and age where there seem to be a lot of personal development gurus, relationship experts, coaches and OAPs. And sometimes it’s not even seeking out professional help that brings you close to this un-detailed yet well-intentioned nuggets. Sometimes it’s through friends with whom you’ve seen an unbelievable level of transformation in their own lives and you want to experience same and then unfortunately, they don’t exactly know how to help you. They know something changed but they really don’t know HOW it changed. And thus replicating for someone else is as much a challenge as it is for them to replicate even in other aspects of their own lives.

When this happens like the mouse in the story above they become befuddled as well. Because here’s a real life need and not just an imaginary one of how to walk the talk. Unknown to you, like the mice who knows that abundance place does exist because his father has always fed his family there and in fact given him a fair idea of where it is but has never taken it there. So these friends, neighbours and sometimes gurus do know the concept of change and transformation intellectually but do no know experientially how it is concretely done or how to replicate it. They sometimes stumble on what works accidentally but are unaware of the actual journey that catalyses transformation at the unconscious level where real and lasting change is supposed to occur.

This is due to no fault of theirs, it’s just what sets apart a detailed structural change technology to that which is an euphemism to denial or actual change. A well-intentioned counsel remains just that, never holding one by the hand and leading one to actual and practical discoveries of existing strategies and patterns which can be torn apart with globally acclaimed and proven scientific tools of behavioural change.

Qualified and experienced architects and builders seek to first know both the history of the building site (in terms of weather and other environmental factors) and the soil dynamics before determining the design type and materials to be used from foundation to finishing. You and I know that talk is cheap but like you would entrust the building of your house to a professional architect that knows the difference between the ramshackle building in Makoko and the well-designed and and constructed building in Ibeju-Lekki (both, in Lagos, Nigeria) so too you must also entrust your true personal and professional development mastery to trainers of repute that can identify that which will work for you using a solid universal template and change technology system adapted it to your own unique needs

A well-structured change technology that causes immediate transformation by the taking of massive action is easily replicable and substantiated in the lives of both the teacher and the student. It seeks to discover the origin of the problem to deal with it exactly where it really matters. This is where Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) sets the pace and difference beyond other mechanics and approaches keeping real and long-lasting transformation from taking place. Taking it further, Anthony Robbins once posited that 80% of change is psychology while 20% is mechanics. The psychology is an understanding of the thinking or “root cause” or origin of the problem which when identified and addressed, causes the problem to disappear and to cease from being an issue FOREVER. The Mechanics are the paths or steps to follow to get to the solution, once the main underlining root cause has been identified. Haven’t you heard it said that, ” the problem is not the problem but HOW YOU SEE the problem? The NLP approach focuses on both – the more reason it is popularly referred to as, “the difference that makes a difference.”

So when you know that change is needed in your life to reach your maximum potential, you have to realize the HOW is very important to retain and replicate for maximum use and results. You must however know the type of problem and its nature and origin. Start now by investing in the first level of our NLP Results Certification Course and really experience first hand, THE DIFFERENCE THAT MAKES THE DIFFERENCE. This is useful for all professionals and human beings. Simply put, everyone. This inductive and immersive learning style causes many to have access to lasting change as they are able to “own” their own learnings and transformation eventually while they are simultaneously able to repeatedly become their own effective therapist and coach.


INNOCENT USAR is a Lifestyle Coach, Master Practitioner and Trainer of Neuro – Linguistics Programming. He travels the length and breath of Nigeria helping individuals, organisations and people of faith to easily break away from fearful as well as other acquired self – limiting patterns.

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