RICH is NOT when your boyfriend/spouse can afford your bills. It’s if he can HELP EXPOSE YOU to knowledge, enlightenment and empowerment.

RICH is NOT when your boyfriend/spouse gives you rides in his exotic car. It’s when he let’s you learn by paying for your guided tours to historical sites.

RICH is NOT when your boyfriend/spouse has the latest gadgets or electronics. It’s when his sources of learning and earning keeps increasing.

RICH is NOT when your bboyfriend/spouse takes you to the latest or most exotic club in town. It’s when he sees healthy fun as a way to balance life.

RICH is when your boyfriend/spouse buys you car and exotic toys ONLY AFTER he has helped you learn how to increase your assets and sources of income.

RICH is the boyfriend/spouse who wants you to not just look chic and cute. He wants you in good health and to maintain a balanced lifestyle always.

RICH is NOT how fast your boyfriend/ spouse helps you learn computer games and use exotic gadgets. It’s but how he teaches you respect, manners and decency BY EXAMPLE.

RICH is NOT when your boyfriend/spouse buys you expensive phones and perfumes. Its is when he expands your perspectives of life with RICH CONVERSATIONS.

RICH is NOT only when your boyfriemd/spouse books your visits to a spa or salon. It is also when he gives you access to BOOKS in his big private library.

RICH is NOT when your boyfriend/spouse takes you to some cool, fast food joint. It’s when he pays your access to a doctor, nutritionist and dentist often.


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