A Whole New World

A Whole New World

A Whole New World

SPIN PATTERNS represent 12 effective ways to shift perception and meaning using language in order to cause a re-evaluation of a challenge, subject or issue from another angle. They employ highly persuasive forms of linguistic mastery to help an individual step out of the confines of his limited imaginations into a brighter, more colourful and resplendent world.

Using the SPIN PATTERNS, you can help anyone get out of any limiting situation into a more empowering space where they can make smarter and wiser decisions.

The first letter, S, in this tool stands for SHIFT TO A LARGER FRAME. This requires expanding the frame presupposed in the individual’s statement to include more possibilities by asking, “What is the larger frame or something they have not noticed, which when acknowledged, will cause their position to shift?”

For example, if someone says to you, “I’ll never be a good spouse because my parents did not have a good marriage.”

Your response using the SHIFT TO A LARGER FRAME could be, “You are saying that because you haven’t discovered all the people with similar backgrounds who have gone ahead to not only have great marriages, but have helped other people become great spouses, too.”

Easy, right? Now, try reframing that limiting belief you had before reading this. It’s totally amazing when you do it right. Go ahead to practice this in different situations with issues you thought were challenges or problems. The SPIN reveals that many are stuck only because of limited perspective which can and should be changed.

A shift in reality is occasioned by a shift in perspective and thinking.

Live smart! Live empowered!

Usar Innocent
Lifestyle Coach &
Trainer of NLP

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